Who Is Dr. Dave Laton


Contact Information



138 Livingston Circle

Prattville, AL 36066



(334) 462-1254



"Is a man skilled at his work?  He will perform before kings; he will not perform before obscure men."  Proverbs 22:29


Dave has more than 30 years experience as a leader in developing and managing education and training for several congregations of the Lord's church.  His professional training as a curriculum expert has been instrumental in the success of adult education programs.  His creative application of sound educational and training concepts have been instrumental in enhancing individual growth and organizational success.


Dave is a recognized speaker for congregations seeking to enhance the teaching and education leadership skills of their members. He's received recognition for his insightful approaches to developing sound Bible based education programs.  He has had several articles published by the Gospel Advocate Magazine and education materials published through 21st Century Christian.  Dave and his wife Lynne are also partners with the Antioch Initiative focusing on planting new congregations of the Lord's Church throughout America.


Dave's holds degrees in Education Administration, Business Management, Adult Education, and Religious Education Leadership.


Dave is currently the deacon for missions for the Prattville Church of Christ.